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Enjoy it now!

Use LatitudePay for the moments that make you smile.

Go ahead and chip away at building those moments with LatitudePay.

Where did this great product come from? So glad you asked! Well, you might’ve heard of Latitude, providing finance to over 2.6 million Aussies and Kiwis today. If not, we won’t hold it against you – it’s a pretty cool company, run by some pretty cool people, and they back us.

Not only that, Latitude joined forces with Kiwi company Genoapay in 2018 and its savvy buy now pay later product.

That’s how Latitude launched us, LatitudePay, to Australia in 2019.

Major bonus – we team up with great brands so that you can use our product to buy the things you actually want and need. As we meet more amazing brands and add them to our shopping arsenal, you’ll have more options too. Handy.

Don’t postpone the moments, create them with LatitudePay.

How it works

Get set up in minutes. Sign up on the LatitudePay Just give us a few details and if approved, you’re good to shop with us (up to $1,000)

Pay over 10 weekly payments. That’s more leeway to pay than other payment plans.

Pay each instalment on time and it won’t cost a cent more than the purchase price. If you miss a payment there’s a $10 fee, but LatitudePay will send you a reminder to help keep you on track.

Login to see your shopping history, change your payment day, add a card… even pay the balance off early. Make your money work for you, that’s its job.